Visual Basic for Excel

A half-day course to get you started on your Visual Basic journey.

This course works best if you have previous experience of Excel to an intermediate level and have an interest in coding.

PDF versions of the Course Outlines are available – contact us.

Lesson 1: Recording Macros

  • Macro security
  • Recording simple Macros
  • Running macros from buttons and the Quick Access Toolbar

Lesson 2: Introduction to the VBA Editor

  • Starting the Visual Basic Editor
  • Using the Project Window
  • Examining Recorded Macros
  • Importing and Exporting Modules

Lesson 3: Creating Procedures

  • Creating Sub Procedures
  • The VBA Hierarchy
  • Displaying Messages to User

Lesson 4: Referencing in VBA

  • Referencing Cells and Ranges
  • Referencing Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Relative and Absolute references

Lesson 5: Using Variables

  • What is a Variable?
  • Data types for Variables
  • Object Variables