Microsoft Word Courses

The worlds most popular word processor. From straightforward letters to mail-merges and complex documents, Word can do it all! We have three levels of courses for Word.

All levels can be customised or combined to suit your requirements or we can write a course specifically for you! Standard course outlines are for a one-day course.

PDF versions of the Course Outlines are available – contact us.

Word Level 1

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Identify the Components of the Interface
  • Customize the Interface
  • Display a Document in Different Views
  • Enter Text in a Document
  • Save a Document

Lesson 2: Editing Text in a Document

  • Select Text
  • Modify Text
  • Find and Replace Text

Lesson 3: Modifying the Appearance of Text

  • Apply Character Formatting
  • Align Text Using Tabs
  • Display Text as List Items
  • Modify the Layout of a Paragraph
  • Apply Styles
  • Manage Formatting
  • Apply Borders and Shading

Lesson 4: Inserting Special Characters and Graphical Objects

  • Insert Symbols and Special Characters
  • Add Illustrations to a Document

Lesson 5: Organizing Data in Tables

  • Insert a Table
  • Modify a Table
  • Format a Table
  • Convert Text to a Table

Lesson 6: Proofing a Document

  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Use the Thesaurus

Word Level 2

Lesson 1: Managing Lists

  • Sort a List
  • Renumber a List
  • Customize a List

Lesson 2: Customizing Tables and Charts

  • Sort Table Data
  • Control Cell Layout
  • Perform Calculations in a Table
  • Create Charts

Lesson 3: Creating Customized Formats with Styles and Themes

  • Create or Modify a Text Style
  • Create a Custom List or Table Style
  • Apply Default and Customized Document Themes

Lesson 4: Modifying Pictures

  • Resize a Picture
  • Adjust the Picture Appearance Settings
  • Wrap Text Around a Picture
  • Insert and Format Screenshots in a Document

Lesson 5: Creating Customized Graphic Elements

  • Create Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
  • Draw Shapes
  • Add WordArt and Other Special Effects to Text
  • Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt

Lesson 6: Inserting Content Using Quick Parts

  • Insert Building Blocks
  • Create Building Blocks
  • Modify Building Blocks

Word Level 3

Lesson 1: Using Word with Other Programs

  • Link a Document to an Excel Worksheet
  • Send a Document Outline to ¬†PowerPoint
  • Send a Document as an Email Message

Lesson 2: Collaborating on Documents

  • Modify User Information
  • Send a Document for Review
  • Review a Document
  • Compare Document Changes
  • Merge Document Changes
  • Review Track Changes and Comments

Lesson 3: Managing Document Versions

  • Create a New Document Version
  • Compare Document Versions
  • Merge Document Versions

Lesson 4: Adding Reference Marks and Notes

  • Insert Bookmarks
  • Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Add Captions
  • Add Hyperlinks
  • Add Cross-References
  • Add Citations and a Bibliography

Lesson 5: Simplifying the Use of Long Documents

  • Insert Blank and Cover Pages
  • Insert an Index
  • Insert a Table of Figures
  • Insert a Table of Authorities
  • Insert a Table of Contents
  • Create a Master Document